The Hapis island rescue attempt is going well, I’m informed, although I don’t have any images for how this looks just yet. In other news, progress on the new stables monument has taken form, which we get some glimpses of in Shadowfrax’s video. Also few unsaved files apparently. Don’t worry; you won’t actually wake up to this sort of sky, I’m just playing around. First look at stables, HDRP news | Rust update 9th October 2020. Sewer branch fixes. This map will bring a new standard into Rust specially with HDRP update. This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax! Up to 68.000 Prefabs, loading time and performance is decent and offer good playability for high pop servers. 1:00pm EST - Our update stream is live! 224k. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. Puzzle spotlight prefab fix. Harbor 1 & 2 fixes. We had log files on our build server that were 30gb. The HDRP Render Pipeline Asset will be assigned if you are installing the Pipeline from Unity Hub. Fixed the main lit template to support SRP batching, rebuild a lot of the relevant shaders. Moved sewer branch puzzle into lighting group to merge proof the custom stuff there Lighting prefab rebake. HDRP will be out of preview with the Unity 2019.3 release. Fixed merge degradation on these prefabs. Tech trees, November Balance | Rust Update 27th November 2020. Prefab/mat merge fixes. ), New stable monuments will come in a couple of variants, Interesting commits involving converting cloth into a wearable item, A new crane rig module has shown up in commits, New work being done to record camera movements to playback with demos, Progress on HDRP seems to be on hold without a foreseeable resume date, The assets created for the HDRP upgrade will be ported into the main branch at some point. Fog, rain, thunder, and wind can all be controlled separately. about 1 hour ago - /u/Alistair_Mc. By Facepunch. This is the official Facebook page for the Shadowfrax Youtube channel. – Map Size : 4000km Falling from a height will kill you. The server name is RustSociety 3X. 219 talking about this. ... ← More from Rust Recent Rust Posts. If you use HDRP with any previous Unity versions, you’ll have to do all of the maintenance yourself. Hey guys! Sphere tank & supermarket + s2p ... oxide version be frequently updated? Squishface is the co-founder and owner of Corrosion Hour; a RUST community and website dedicated to helping server owners with the administration and navigation of the ever-changing landscape of RUST. Added a few more tools to deal with HDAdditionalLightData, Fixed serialization issue with camera script. This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax! So plenty of stuff to be getting on within the meantime. rust_reboot /main/hdrp #48146 Decreased max planar reflection size to 1024 (saved some memory) Increased sky reflection size to 512 (for celestial body baking) Moved sun light specular highlight to sky reflection (same as main) Increased ocean material smoothness YouTube / Rust - Updates. Active admins and moderators. The largest community for the game RUST. Rust Vault Community Message. And feel free to leave me a dislike because, of course, it’s all my fault, but that feature isn’t coming back, it seems. His editing, music choice, and cinematics are honestly so epic that it’s hard not to get chills down your back looking back on some of his “series intro” cinematics. First look at stables, HDRP news | Rust Update 9th October 2020. The server has mainly vanilla settings with 50% upkeep and decay. 3:00pm EST - Our update preview stream is live! Electricity arc effect conversion. Moved sewer branch puzzle into lighting group to merge proof the custom stuff there Fixed new cliffs clipping into underground areas in sewer branch First of all, as an Englishman, this makes me feel right at home, because soon we will be experiencing the return of rain in Rust. Also I will be adding RaidNotices in a few weeks. And a crane rig module, which I believe will be an addition to the scrap yard and which will allow us to recycle cars, probably in tandem with the shredder I mentioned last week. We're having a problem with our Rust HDRP branch where it imports forever. Apart from the weather deck shuffling and dealing us different hands of varying wetness and visibility, server owners will be receiving a whole slew of variables to mess around and control most aspects of the climate with. Fixed airfield regression & related prefabs. There are some small plugins, more info with the /info command in game chat. Tech trees, November Balance | Rust Update 27th November 2020. Come and watch me live on Twitch, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and my Steeeeam group to stay up to date with my content, and if you’d like to support the channel, please consider becoming a patron like these amazing people here on the right. Converted env FX. + S2P. Sat dish monument fixes. Starving will kill you. Started a new HDRP project and w/ just a couple assets from the asset store, HDRP I'm at 340 keywords and I can't reduce the count any lower. Other players can find you, kill you, and take your stuff. S2P'd big sewers again just in case, Puzzle 'simplelight' HDRP light fixes. Open a 30gb Unity Log on Windows Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Scene2Prefab. Gaming news and let's plays for the discerning survivor! Sewer branch fixes. First look at stables, HDRP news | Rust Update 9th October 2020, The Garrison 2×2 Multi-TC Base Design (2020), There are seven types of weather presets so far, Currently, lightning is only a distant effect, it cannot strike or damage anything, System performance with the new rain seems to be much better than Rain 1.0, Server owners will be able to control many weather aspects with settings and convars, Clouds will also be controllable by settings, Climate and atmospheric commands are coming to control brightness, contrast, and directionality of the environment, Mandatory update on the 26th (Happy Halloween 2020? This is different from being canceled, of course, so it’s more of a comma than a full stop. Rust should tbh ask Surge for a brand new trailer and have him help direct it. More like of Rust fame. From now on, you’ll just have to pick them up and swallow the repair costs. Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax, here serving you your weekly brain dump known as the Rust Update. Rust What's Coming | Map Changes, Prototype Weapons, Instruments, HDRP #140 (Rust News & Updates) - Join me as we take a look at the newest upcoming content and concepts for Rust! November 5. Just Saw A Base With "illegal" Photos All Over It. This is also a great feature for content creators who are looking to generate dramatic environments for their recordings, which will soon have the added functionality of camera movement recording in sync with demos. I would have expected at least 14 different types of rain presets from a British company. In this week’s RUST Update, Shadowfrax is frolicking through the weather over on the staging branch! There were a few fixes and changes made including, increasing the brightness of the map on the death screen, the attack sound of the M39 being fixed when using a muzzle brake, and a fix for being unable to deploy counters on the outer sides of armored walls. A full performance pass will be done prior to HDRP being merged, what you see in this screenshot is a just a test scene and not final. Movember & HDRP | Rust update 6th November 2020. Removed HDRP. Twitch drops, supply drop V2 | Rust update 13th November 2020. Fixed new cliffs clipping into underground areas in sewer branch, Filled vats use translucency shading + adjusted FX for it, Lantern fix again SceneViews are now Repainted on culling update. Many changes and tweaks have been made to crafting times, crafting costs, item conditions and their benefits and protections, adjustments to tea … More boats probably. Removed both MeshLOD and RendererLOD from the project, as they weren't being used and caused conflicts. nakeds. It will fit perfectly to the theme of rust with with the new fog/apocalyptic themed monuments. Tube light unity change fixes. On Rust, you travel in an open world and you must survive by harvesting resources, hunting wild beasts and building your shelter. (mostly!). Added support for terrain instancing. No, we generally do not updated for non-release branches due to how frequent they update. 18.07.19 There are a few optimizations going on, for instance, to animated building blocks. Elevator block and trails Rust | Update 25th September 2020. Fortunately for you, you can kill others and take their stuff. Weather is here! There hasn’t been any HDRP update news since it was first dropped and teased with a few screenshots... does anybody have any clue or insight on this or are we all just blind in the dark about it? Posted 4 months ago #4. Hey, earlier today I posted a short vid showing the old rust graphics, and when u guys told me about the hdrp update they were working on I really went in searching elsewhere on information to the extend of this. as many of you noticed after the change to how deployable items are picked up, it broke the ability to rotate workbenches. Yes, I finally visited The Gordon Project and it's crazy | Rust custom map review. Discussion. Rust font created by and used with type permission of Ben Kohan #rust #shadowfrax #modernize. SetCullingDistances now updates all SceneViews in project. Come stop by and check out this crazy custom map! Followers 0. Reworked military tunnels for new style interior volumes, Smarter way to do interior density volumes WIP, Remaining military tunnels & related files. Which I know a lot of you liked doing. Max punctual lights tweak, Bandit town regression fix WIP Before the wipe we will do a castle raid event, this will start around 18:00 CEST. EDIT: But it would be kinda weird since Anton Hand (the guy that wrote the tweet) works at Rust LTD. Rust was initially created as a clone of DayZ, a popular mod for ARMA 2, with crafting elements akin to those in Minecraft. And before you start proclaiming that so much time has been wasted on it. This will automatically turn to snow in the Arctic biome, there will be fog and wind as per, plus now a chance of thunder and lightning, and auroras at night, again in the Arctic biome, which seems like it’ll soon be a much more desirable place to live. Miltun: Various bug fixes and iterations. Related materials. This includes but is not limited to new cliffs, rocks, trees, many updated textures and maps, foliage, grass, and brushes. Mostly this ‘feature’ was being used to do things like clipping stuff under them or forcing them into a triangle.. which is far too much fun, so sorry. 939. riding horses. Just note that these are all replicated convars and commands, so you’ll need to use the prefix ‘sv’ to run them from the client. And some early work is being put into being able to record camera movements and play them back in sync with demos, which is very good news for people who make cinematics, like me. Earlier this week on Twitter, the bombshell was dropped, that due to performance concerns, work on HDRP is on hold for the foreseeable future. Related materials. look at new HDRP sky, lots of fixes | Rust update 12th July 2019 SHADOWFRAX First look at stables, HDRP news | Rust update 9th October 2020 SHADOWFRAX: Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax here serving you your weekly brain dump known as the Rust Update. Music stage conversion. Tags: Rust shadowfrax rust shadowfrax rust update concept limbo rust 2020 rust roadmap 2020 rust console rust console 2020 rust back-story rust new rust what's new rust hdrp hdrp rust phone rust phones rust … I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Sat dish monument fixes. RUST Guides, Base Designs, Server Hosting and Resources. By Facepunch. Now I’m sure you’ve got some stories to tell me in the comments below, so please let rip with your most intelligent thoughts on this week’s video, and I look forward to reading them. And I’ll put all of these in the description for you, but in brief, there are atmosphere commands, which will include: brightness, contrast, directionality (not sure about how that one works, to be honest), Mie and Rayleigh scattering. Along with work on the movie maker I’ve mentioned before and cinematic tools, plus code for the new asset procgen placement such as cliff generation. For the server owners, a collection of convars and commands will become available to control the weather and atmosphere. And performance. Rain will cause players to become wet, but not campfires, and no more rain indoors! By Facepunch • November 5. 12:00am EST - It’s that time of year again - Rust Christmas has arrived and will be showering Newmans with gifts from now till the new year. Perhaps most compelling, however, is the somber news that work on HDRP has been halted due to performance concerns. 12:00am EST - Rust development is in full swing this month with forward progress on a number of projects including modular vehicles, hdrp, farming, unity updates, optimizations, and more. The new art assets that have been created for it, along with other work, are going to be ported over into the current branch, which will significantly sex-up Rust in the foreseeable future. Tech trees, November Balance | Rust Update 27th November 2020. Be sure to browse Shadowfrax’s past RUST videos and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for alerts on his latest work! And this week, my brain is going to start by dumping on you this fresh steaming dollop of madness, because yes, right here and now on the Staging branch, all sorts of weather and funky atmospheric stuff is rolling in, and there’s a deluge of associated variables and commands for server owners to fiddle and break the game with. It seems that the generated assets will be ported into the main branch for use in the game, so all is not lost in terms of gorgeous RUST eye candy. Pickup changes and elevators | Rust update 2nd October 2020. Supressing no HDAdditionalLightData NREs and add a warning instead. Our update preview stream goes live at You can find it on the modded server list. So I’ll fill you in. All of this will be randomised, although exactly how random it will turn out to be and how long each weather type lasts is also still SUBJECT TO CHANGE. and also, will the staging oxide version be frequently updated? This RUST update video is brought to you by Shadowfrax! This is all a work in progress, of course, and therefore SUBJECT TO CHANGE over the next four weeks, but it does look like we’ll have plenty to talk to each other about after November’s patch to the Release branch. Movember & HDRP | Rust update 6th November 2020. Puzzle 'simplelight' HDRP light fixes. And lastly, some of you will have seen this, but the majority probably won’t have. It will fit perfectly to the theme of rust with with the new fog/apocalyptic themed monuments. I've added tons of amazing plugins such as SkinBox, HeliRefuel Event, Treasure Event, Clans, Kits, Trade, TP, BetterAntiCheat and tons more. Twitch drops, supply drop V2 | Rust update 13th November 2020. The various weather types will cycle in and out, dropping rain in the temperate regions and snow in the tundra regions. Clouds can be tweaked in a number of ways, including attenuation, brightness, coloring, opacity, saturation, scattering, sharpness, and size. Wow! Being cold will kill you. Remaining bandit fixes. NEW MAP It’s a 4km map featuring insane landscapes with premium quality terrain and textures, all polished by hand.This map will bring a new standard into Rust specially with HDRP update. Remaining Compound issues. In works in progress, there’s quite a bit going on with the new Stables monuments, of which there will be a couple of variants, and I have some shots of how they are progressing currently for you this week. Bears and wolves will chase and kill you. States the keywords are set to READONLY when I try to automate them to local. All my links are down below and in the description. Anyway, a few things you should know about precipitation.. 1 it will make you wet.. (although snow won’t because it’s so fluffy), it should now fill up water catchers, it doesn’t put out fires, and it doesn’t rain indoors (although there are some edge cases). I mean, where’s drizzle, spitting, stair rods, and let’s not forget ‘wet rain,’ shall we? Other players can become your worst enemies or your best allies. Hdrp update. Bug Reporting Megathread - Boat Vendor Update. If you’re upgrading your project from the Built-In pipeline this field will be set to “None”. Leave me a like and subscribe to the channel for more of this and other stuff. In this week’s RUST Update, Shadowfrax is frolicking through the weather over on the staging branch! This update brings an elevator for easy travel between floors of your base, A real life Rust chair that gives you an exclusive in game chair too, The Spacesuit skin for the Hazmat outfit, changes to roads and added trails as well as the usual balancing and optimisations. We can assign a Pipeline Asset by clicking the button next to the Asset Selection box or by dragging the asset in from the Settings folder. Scene changes apparently. And lastly, it’ll be possible to reset the weather, load a preset and order a forecast which will tell you the previous, current, and up next conditions. Iterated on Dredge & fixed its broken ambients 38.2k Followers, 0 Following, 129 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Facepunch Studios (@fcpnch) 2019.4 LTS latest version. A central place for discussion, media, news and more. The 01.08.19 wipe will be when the update gets released (around 20:00 – 21:00 CEST). An intriguing set of commits related to a cloth test, with mention of it being turned into a wearable. And I must say that I’m a bit disappointed. Updated trainyard volumes & lighting, and fixed new cliffs clipping into things. The objective of Rust is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen materials. YouTube / Rust - Updates. This is the homepage for the Rust server called ‘RustaChill’.. Before joining the server, read the rules below very carefully. Stables Update. The environment is not kind. Rust’s world is harsh. These will be very likely where horses will eventually start hiding behind a scrap wall. In other news, there will be a mandatory update on Oct 26th, which will probably be for the seasonal content. and commits show that we’ll expect to find such thrills as static hitches and troughs, dung piles, and NPCs to buy things from (and that will maybe even give us missions later on. about 4 hours ago - /u/Alistair_Mc. hdrp? Ok, so now a couple of things we have to talk about. A great balancing is coming to the items of RUST thanks to the copious commit log of the ‘November_Balance‘ branch. We strongly recommend you use HDRP with that version onwards; with Unity 2019.3 Long-Term Support (LTS) and above, you will have full support. As a tech professional with over a decade in the field and a deep love of gaming, she spends much of her time in code researching and developing ways to bring meaningful content to players and readers. And of course, more time for the TEAM to concentrate on important things, such as. Added convar to enable / disable SRP batching. HDRP custom maps remaster (archipelago, canyon, craters, oasis, range), Convars to start adding some quality settings. Here are some of the highlights of the update: And with that, you’re here to watch his video! Well, I hate to be the bearer of news you don’t like. 2:00pm EST - The update is live and devblog is out!. Stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed as I will be bringing you regular reports on how this all progresses over the next month. There are currently 7 different weather presets that will be taking turns inflicting themselves on us, and these are clear, overcast, fog, dust (which is basically beige fog and which should make city dwellers feel more at home), rain clear, rain foggy, and storm.

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