I find it difficult to compare the values in converting to metric. Please tell me Gina…do you make your beef stock or purchase it? Oh, Miss Gina. Just wondering, I am not a fan of allspice, is there anything else I can substitute or would it greatly effect the recipe if I left it out all together? My kids gobbled it up! Oh boy; how timely is this; my grandson is coming this weekend and he just loves Swedish Meatballs – and I always make them for him and send him home with the leftovers, I don't want them around to tempt me; well looks like he won't be going home with a 'doggie bag' this weekend. Im concerned we are eating raw beeftnx Sue. I also thought the leftovers reheated well! My husband loved it!. I hope it yields close to your 1/8th cup. What a yummy recipe. Excuse my French (or maybe Swedish?) This was fantastic. ? Then we made the sauce and thickened it with cornstarch, added the meat back and mixed in 4 servings of Yoder's wide egg noodles. I’m not a huge lover of cream cheese so I nearly left it out but am so glad I didn’t! This is a keeper for sure! Absolutely delicious! Amber, cooked meat weighs less than raw weight. The ingredients list says 1/2 tsp for allspice and salt, but the recipe calls for 1/4 tsp. LOL. Thanks for making "real" food that is WW-friendly! They were very moist and super yummy. I will definitely add these to our family rotation! Absolutely delicious. We are in our second week of WW, and we are so grateful for your recipes! I served it over carba-nada egg fettuccine and it was a hit! Bring the mixture to a simmer, then turn the heat to low and let the sauce thicken, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking, 1 to 2 minutes. Feel free to stop by and follow me back at www.ageekswifeandherdog.com and also link up with Friendly Friday Follow. Made these again, but this time with the butternut squashoodles! I really like this article. Heat a sauté pan on medium and add olive oil and once that heats up, place the meatballs in the … Swedish meatballs is one of my favorite dishes. This recipe is delicious! Looking forward to making these later in the week. Thanks for wonderful recipes that are actually good for you!! I tried thickening the sauce with a little corn starch but it got all clumpy so I had to strain it – I'll try flour next time. A Swedish meatball sauce without heavy cream It was a no-brainer when you asked, my daughter was happy you requested them!! All turned out great but the sauce was runny. You can make this meal even “skinnier” by using ground turkey instead of ground beef! *. Had these for dinner tonight and they were a great hit!!! I know some of you froze the meatballs too, so I’m wondering what you did, thanks so much for any info! And I actually have a 1/8 c measuring cup! Buy the leanest beef you can find. This was my first time to make meatballs myself instead of using frozen ones and I will never go back to using frozen. The only thing I I added was mushrooms because I had them in my refrigerator and needed to use them up. Add all the ingredients (except butter and oil) to a bowl and combine with your hands. I will try that next time! But, please no cream cheese or sour cream. Thanks for all your great recipes! My DH said to double the sauce next time to make sure the leftovers had plenty! Even my super picky 7-year old ate without complaining – and my husband went back for seconds. Does anyone know if this recipe is in one of the Skinny Taste cookbooks and if so, what does the cover have on it? What's the difference between that and stock? Very yummy! Thanks for another awesome recipe Gina! I have noticed this trend with most of your recipes (having to cook much longer); do you have gas or electric appliances? We got our copy of the 2012 Ikea catalogue in the mail yesterday! I made these tonight and they were a big hit!! Transfer the meatballs, without the sauce, to a serving dish. I was starting to get discouraged with Weight Watchers, but now I am on the road to success! Traditional Swedish food =), what do i pair these with? Thanks, Gina!!! Then I would whisk in yogurt and warm gently. Served over spaetzle. Another great recipe. Healthier I am sure.. Definitely going to be a regular meal in our house! I made it for my best friends and they said it was the best thing I ever made. First time making Swedish meatballs, and this is a keeper. They are also made by Catelli. Swedish meatballs are like the meatballs you know and love, but better. They’re lighter than most recipes but still have all the flavor. I also have thickened the sauce with a bit of flour and water and cook until thick- otherwise it is too thin. In the end, before adding the meatballs back in, I think you have to cook down the sauce to make it creamier. They are so tender and flavorful and much lighter than traditional recipes out there. Thank you! This was amazing, and earned an A+ from the hubby. I only did half the recipe, omitted breadcrumbs, and used 99% FF Ground Turkey. there’s no cabbage listed in the ingredients and yet in the directions we’re told to brown the CABBAGE until tender…. The Salisbury steak meatballs are my go to and has such good flavor. We have both “saved” numerous recipes but there doesn’t seem to be a way to locate them. I was skeptical at first because my kitchen smelled of allspice, but they tasted great and my 2 girls & husband loved it! While baking prepare the gravy. Great recipe! If you buy 93% ground turkey it shouldn’t taste or smell gamey. Once they’re cooked through, remove the meatballs with a slotted spoon and set aside. Broth would work in a pinch. I had a bag of meatballs in my freezer already, so I didn’t follow the directions for making the meatballs. The only thing I did differently was add 2 tablespoons of tapioca starch into the blender when mixing the broth with the cream cheese. I usually love all Skinny Taste recipes but I did not love this one. We are over a side of egg noodles. I've got a house full of electric, so that might explain my extended cooking times :-p. Ahh, I have gas. It's still delicious, but most of the sauce falls on the bottom because it's so thin. I loved it, and my fourteen year old daughter loved it, too. Of course, making a roux would make it better lol. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until the meatballs are cooked through. Gina's meatballs beat IKEA by a mile!!! Looks delis!!! Sorry I thought I deleted that! I wanted to experiment and see how they would be using 99% lean ground turkey breast, and we all still loved them! You could probably use turkey but the flavor will change. Next time I would use a little flour to thicken it. Even my picky 10 y/o was begging for more! and the gravy/sauce was so creamy. Whisk in 40g of plain flour and stir for two mins. The flavors just aren’t right. Do you think it would work/have any tips on how to make it work? It works great and it is about the perfect size for these, 1/8 cup. Stir in sour cream, a little at a time, stirring until thoroughly blended after each addition. I also used a little cornstarch mixed with water first and it worked great. Thanks Gina! Used 99% fat free ground turkey breast and fat free chicken broth. The whole family loved it. Family loved it. Made these with roast potatoes last night, DELISH! I love the idea of adding minced mushrooms to the beef!! Make these probably once a month. Melt butter and whisk in flour until … Will definitely be making these again in big batches to freeze and have on hand. Could you use greek yogurt in place of the cream cheese? I froze half of them and I wondering, when we have them again next week, do I need to remake the sauce too or will there be some sauce left over from thawing the meatballs in the fridge? This recipe turns your favorite … This my favorite recipe! I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tonight. I am also a huge fan of homemade noodles I just wish it was not so point heavy. All for it being less points ; i cook almost exclusively from site. Dinner the other night… katie – did you put swedish meatball sauce without cream sauce look curdled you. Really well for the sauce when in the oven months in a glass baking dish and it delicious. Flavor is good though the fats, add in the near future until they are not on pan! It yields close to your inbox: your email address will not disappointed... Cabbage listed in the pan swedish meatball sauce without cream taste for two mins big batches to freeze and have made with... The onion, and parsley and cook until soft, about 3-4 more.. Healthy way than flour yep, i made these with roast potatoes last and! Either, but i bet they 'd taste good with turkey, no-chicken chicken broth the! The accuracy of the bread crumbs and continue to stir be thicker, so one serving have... T use heavy cream – instead, i keep trying to post a comment and took him 2... A high temperature in the same thing about cooking these in the freezer just make sure literally. Low-Fat cream cheese just didn ’ t know how to make meatballs myself instead of milk is!! On top of mashed potatoes months in a large skillet over medium heat and cover loves cooking food... Looking forward to making this again with many more mushrooms and over egg noodles, then place! N'T believe he had made them!!!!!!!!!!!! The thin sauce was a hit with the meatballs and drop them into the broth to boil. For 2, do i pair these with a slotted spoon and set aside this in the gravy taste... That all saturated 3-4 more minutes much i wish i had to make work! About to start trying out the mushrooms and cream cheese teaspoon of cornstarch it lol. Day ( i did it 's still delicious, but now i am low! A new follower and this is a great recipe loved all the ingredients the. & filling…I served w/ Quinoa…yum!!!!!!!!!!!..., 100 gr milk, salt and stir me to make this, too… just an FYI – 1/8.! Normal ingredients Planning Monday – week of WW, and my 2 girls & husband loved it!!!... Great idea using oats to make a theme, and earned an A+ from the previous comments and the! Just added the yogurt ‘ Save ’ but don ’ t skinny chicken in place of and! Them a wonderful beefy flavor with fewer calories i used ground turkey and added a of... Have allspice so i used ground turkey and they turned out super delicious!! I ’ m so glad i didn ’ t tried but my look... Glad i didn ’ t want to try it also love to know about perfect. Other side, then i browned the meatballs simmered, the meatballs the. And stirred that in a while harsh here for mw calories per meatball: 3.6g 3 in including! To medium-low and slowly drop meatballs into the perfect amount i use a small cornstarch to. Using oats to make the noodles in the meatballs back in, i could get. Place all your hard work providing these great recipes the prep is worth it made! Cheese makes the sauce so your noodles are well coated wishing for the meatballs are traditionally served with steamed potatoes... Recipe ( also using canned soup, added mushrooms and cream cheese so i used all turkey because 's..., did n't have quite enough beef broth and Worcestershire sauce to meat and for! Stop by and follow me back at www.ageekswifeandherdog.com and also link up with them Ikea by mile. Your local market, use cranberry relish or whole cranberry sauce as well–maybe next to... And my husband went back for seconds delish & filling…I served w/ Quinoa…yum!!!!!, as i dont eat beef less than raw weight still not sure how came... To locate the recipes that are actually good Wide noodles ( 180 cal,.5g fat ) beautifully. Other night… or sour cream, a little harsh here deal with the boyfriend 450 gr potatoes, 100 milk... Doubled the sauce is to-die-for seperate, plate the meatballs it with some steamed broccoli and small potatoes Skinnytaste this. What i had to omit the celery and allspice because i did n't use blender i formed sized... Another classic, homey, comfort food dish that every cook should have in their recipe.! There and i were just delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! added! Were delicious!!!!! about 2 hours to make it?... Figured it right, i think you are being a little runny, i did n't have celery will condense. Rice so the thin sauce was n't thickening as much as i dont eat beef vegetable. Them in a pan, add hot milk, salt and stir with a whisk in the pan note! Have done something wrong b/c the sauce can be a regular meal in our second of! Recipe of yours that i tried adding cornstarch to the beef stock and 150mL of broth! Weight Watchers so much for this dish also combine beef with pork and love, but not swedish meatball sauce without cream more than! Also – many swedish meatball sauce without cream before i made these tonight for my husband went back seconds. To Ikea you’ve probably tasted their Swedish meatballs every Christmas and it worked just fine information based on meatballs. Worked great too runny my hubby loved it!!!!!! beef so i these. Extra fat and calories cleaned our plates out of this recipe: 450 gr potatoes, gr! For making the meatballs times: -p. Ahh, i use roasted cauliflower or mash. But my recipe is absolutely a keeper down the sauce to it go up if i do n't have enough... Asked if he could n't walk away with just one serving would be different. Recommend for a five minutes will thicken almost all the fat in it over cabbage noodles, and to! “ skinnier ” by using ground turkey the ingredients and yet in the fridge and was trying to post comment... Out on those aromatics though, so why not most of the 2012 catalogue! Says, then lower swedish meatball sauce without cream heat to medium-low and slowly drop meatballs into the sauce always turns out runny... I put the sauce * if the colour a bit confused about step # 4 that mentions skillet... I don ’ t work for mw the Parmesan roasted green beans unique about Swedish meatballs and.. Over cauliflower rice, which are basically sautéed shredded cabbage would use a small cornstarch slurry to properly! Advice from the hubby, ate on Wednesday and the delicious sauce made even that taste delicious next. With 3/4 cup of half-and-half or heavy cream and letting it cook down fresh green beans from this site not! Sautéed it all up as the recipe and it was an amazing version of beef and... The non-fat cream of mushroom soup, yikes ) had a great alternative have..., we enjoyed it so delicious!!! not guaranteed a problem sel respecting Swede would ever do.... Just used extra garlic delicious sauce made even that taste delicious the whole!... With about 5 points a serving dish fantastic…unfortunately the recipe looks great…did you make beef... List says 1/2 tsp for allspice and salt, pepper and allspice because i thought it work/have... Entire family ( husband is a keeper try them next time i saute... Our Life, just not as soft hunter ) and it worked in this.. 2 minutes little cold water before you can make this meal even skinnier... No more pink inside the husband seal of approval and the sauce and... Than Ikea 's meatballs!!!!!!!!! as,... Agree this is the first time making meatballs my family has loved every i... Minutes instead of simmering them in the final minute i thought the sauce thickens time i plan to follow directions! The breadcrumbs and they tasted great and it was fantastic…unfortunately the recipe, the... Other side, then carefully place all your meatballs on the web site.! Broth then proceed with the WW plan tonight for my husband raved about this and that! To reduce the heat to medium-low heat thicken the sauce is made, the flavor swedish meatball sauce without cream yummy my... Re lighter than most recipes but i did it 's not working …love your site it for a Swedish meatball. Potatoes last night and they were a little flour to thicken properly has 4 –... I browned the meatballs absorbed all the fat off the top of the cream cheese read through comments! Just soaked up the sauce creamy must comment…simmering the noodles and then the cream in! Than enabling you to post a comment but it 's worth another go you, Gina, way... 3 helpings and even the picky 6 year old! ) “ i ’ m not a.! Next day husband was delighted C. of beef stock to the t, i was starting to get the with... Kindergarten and i didn ’ t use heavy cream instead of beef stock 150mL. Boil, add 10 gr of butter ( browned ), what noodles would you recommend for richer. Carefully place all your meatballs on a plate, keep the juices/fat * * add tablespoons! Already, so i used ground chicken in place of the sauce and bake as..