A bill of sale is a legally binding agreement or contract that is used to aid the transfer of an asset or a valuable property from one party to another. In addition, notary attestation of signatures on the form is not mandatory for its legal standing unless the state law mandates the same. Similar to cars, trailers must be titled and registered with Motor Vehicles. Firstly, it contains the details of the transaction such as the amount of the sale along with the full names of the buyer and seller making it the receipt. If the sale includes one or both of the items, there's certain information you should put in the document. If you buy your trailer from a dealership, you will automatically receive a bill of sale. The Minnesota vehicle bill of sale is a document that is typically completed during the process of purchasing or selling a vehicle. The trailer bill is a legal document that proves the sale of any structure which can be towed to a vehicle. As seller I attest that all of the information above is true to the best of my knowledge. They have the vehicle identification number (VIN) which should be included in the document. The bill of sale should also disclosure whether a trailer or a motor will be included with the sale. Steps to Fill this Bill of Sale Form. Mail: Driver and Vehicle Services – Central Office Town Square Building 445 Minnesota Street, Suite 180 Saint Paul, MN 55101-5180. The trailers are used to transfer items such as vehicles, boats or everyday storage items. In this case, the document is a bill of sale (BOS), It is a document, which, according to the laws by the state of Minnesota, documents the sale of personal property and the transfer of the ownership for the property from a seller to a buyer. There’s no going back after. Purchasing a used trailer can be concerning when there is no title to transfer ownership of the trailer. That means the seller should be ready to sign over his house and the buyer should be ready to pay for it. If not, you can simply list that there is no trailer or no motor. Examples of trailers include mobile homes, travel trailers and even boat trailers. Due to the information contained in an MN DMV bill of sale form, both the buyer and the seller can utilize this document to resolve certain disagreements regarding the vehicle sale. The document is irrevocable once the seller and the buyer sign to execute it. In these circumstances your best bet is a Bill of Sale which documents the transfer of ownership from the prior owner to the new owner. Email: Vehicle Services: DVS.motor.vehicles@state.mn.us Phone: A trailer bill of sale is a documented agreement for the sale and purchase of any structure that can be towed by large transport vehicles. Trailer Bill of Sale form is a generic template suitable to record the transaction particulars of a sale of a trailer. A bill of sale legally transfers ownership of the property. However, many trailer sales take place between private parties. So, before it’s filled in by either party, both need to be ready for the transaction to continue. I am the seller and have full power and authority to sell this above mentioned boat trailer. Trailer Bill of Sale Template. There are no liens on this property. The asset in question can be a car, permanent premises, land, a house, etc. This form is a generic bill of sale template, which complies with the state of Minnesota specifications. Trailer bill of sale for Minnesota.