Pet Loads and Handloader are registered trademarks of Wolfe Publishing Company. The V-MAX bullets had an average velocity of 3,567 fps for 10 shots recorded 10 feet in front of the muzzle of the 21.90-inch barrel of a CZ 527 American. Hornady also calls its new .17-caliber cartridge the .17 Hornet. After the cases were trimmed, loaded and fired, they had not grown in length any appreciable amount. Hornady's 17 Hornet brass, with regard to neck thickness, is allllllllll over the map from lot to lot. 20 X 28mm Installation of an adjustable stock and a V-TAB (Vertical-Tactical Adjustable Buttstock) on my Remington... Info about using a “CAN”   I’m now a “Brand Ambassador” for Phoenix Weaponry, LLC... Olympic Arms – 5.56 NATO This Olympic Arms – 5.56 NATO AR is a true 5.56... 22 LR This 22 LR rifle is the newer version of my old bolt J... Just started with the 17 Hornet. Savage 25 LWT VARMINTER T 17 HORNET 3 Reviews | 1 Questions & Answers. .17 Hornet. I was really stoked and then tried to find ammo. Hodgdon Lil’Gun is the powder for the .17. That length allows Hornady’s .17 Hornet to fit in existing magazines and bolt actions originally intended for the .22 Hornet, like the CZ 527, Ruger 77/22 Hornet and Savage Model 25. The Hornet’s velocities are about 500 fps slower than the Fireball’s. Get it in time for Christmas! Model: 19739 Condition: Factory New Bud's Item Number: 78097 . Find .17 Hornet bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. The .17 Hornet (right) is quite a bit smaller and burns about three-quarters as much powder as the .17 Remington Fireball (left). 17 Ack. 5 out of 5 star rating (1 ... Quick View. The Hodgdon’s 2012 Annual Manual and the Hodgdon website list about the same maximum loads for the .17 Ackley Hornet and .17 Hornet with some powders. A 9.5-grain charge of Lil’Gun shot five 20-grain Bergers in .78 inch at 100 yards. After mounting and 20 rounds thru gun I was at .50 groups at 100yds. One of my handloads with 9.5 grains of Lil’Gun gave the 20-grain V-MAX a speed of 3,500 fps. Hornady dies were used to handload cartridges for the .17 Hornet. Still, extreme velocity spreads ranged from 104 to 368 fps with IMR-4227, 142 fps with Reloder 7 and 162 fps with H-4198 shooting 20-grain bullets. Full-length sizing the fired cases, though, lengthened them .006 inch. My article tells you how I did it. Sie befinden Sich hier: Home / Produkte / Kaliber .17 Hornet. OUT OF STOCK (0) Savage 25WV 17 HORN CAMO. An additional 0.8 grain of the powder increased velocity by 237 fps. Browse .17 Hornet Rifles for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. UPC: 011356197399 . T he .17 Hornet is the quintessential mid-range varmint cartridge—regardless if you’re hunting east or west of the Mississippi River. However, maximum powder charges for the .17 Ackley are 0.2 to 0.7 grain heavier than for the .17 Hornady. Ackley had his hand in developing decades previously. 20 PPC. The new case most likely is shorter so it can be loaded with relatively long and pointed Hornady 20- and 25-grain V-MAX bullets and still retain the same 1.723-inch overall cartridge length of the .22 Hornet. 17 Rem. The hold-up, as I understand it, had to do with production delays associated with synthetic stock that is unique to this model. H-4198 was also a good powder. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. Hornady loads its .17 Hornet Superformance Varmint cartridges with 20-grain V-MAX bullets and 15.5-grain NTX bullets, with a stated muzzle velocity of 3,650 fps for the V-MAX and 3,870 fps for the NTX. Introduced at the January 2011 SHOT Show, Savage's Model 25 Walking Varminter has gotten off to a rather slow start. Jetzt kommt auch endlich der Bericht zur passenden Waffe: Der Savage Model 25. Patches pushed through the bore came out with the black gunk of powder fouling but no blue color to indicate jacket fouling. Das Savage Model … So with some hold-over aiming finesse, the .17 would make a decent ground squirrel and prairie dog cartridge out to 300 yards. The heavy-barreled version of the 527, the Varmint is the go-to for hunters and shooters who want precise accuracy from varmint-caliber cartridges. Our Varmint Series combines the full suite of Savage® accuracy features for unfailing performance and precision. by an Oregon gunsmith and was exactly right for this small cartridge. CZ calls the 527 a “micro-Mauser” due to its nonrotating claw extractor that grabs the rim of a case as it’s pushed forward out of the magazine and blade ejector. Impressum Datenschutz AGBs Sitemap Suchen. Joe; Ackley describes the .17 Hornet as sort of an “improved” .22 Hornet necked down to .17 caliber. The reason the author made the first .17 caliber was the result of a deal with the late C.H. 17 HMR. That meshes closely with Hornady’s 200-yard zero figures: +1.1 inches at 100 yards and -6.40 inches at 300 yards. Hodgdon’s load data shows 11.0 grains of H-4198 gave the 20-grain V-MAX a velocity of 3,226 fps. I’m shooting a Savage model 25. The Savage Model 25 in .17 Hornet is a lot of fun to shoot. Savage Model 25 im Kaliber 17 Hornet Von Sven Monz am 15. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. currently shipping to the us & canada. In Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders, Volume II (1966), Ackley writes about himself: “The author may or may not have been the originator of the .17 caliber in this country. Making the cases isn’t very hard and the 223 brass is cheap cheap. Is that correct? Like the .22 Hornet, the .17 Hornet can be reloaded and I have little doubt that once you have sorted out the best load it … 12 Varminter Low Profile. Hier nochmal den Link zu dem Bericht. Can you give me any good load to start with and any suggestions or tips. Joe; Cases from unfired Hornady factory loads had a length of 1.338 inches, which I used as a trim length. auf lager: 2. To barely bump back the shoulders of cases and set headspace on the shoulders, I turned the size die up a partial turn from contacting the shellholder. I finally found some factory loaded rounds that were reasonable, haven’t shot any yet. The Hornady .17 case, however, is a bit shorter in length and to the base of the shoulder than the Ackley case. And do you lap your rings? £1,295 us$1,736/€1,421. I did it because I couldn’t find any 204 rounds or brass a few years ago. I do plan to use it a lot when the prairie dog pups come out. 20 VarTarg. As a comparison, the extreme velocity spread was 108 fps for 10 shots of Hornady’s Superformance Varmint 20-grain load. OUT OF STOCK (3) Savage 25 LWT VARMINTER T 17 HORNET. MFG: Savage Arms Locate FFL: Fit Charts: Trade With Gurney: Suggest Edit **Mouse over image above to zoom any area, or click on image to zoom the entire image. The 527 has a single-set trigger with a pull of 3.5 pounds that contains some creep, but pushing the trigger forward “sets” it, and pull weight changes to a light one pound. 17 X 28 mm. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 17 Hornet rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. The impossibility of getting suitable actions for the .17 Pee Wee cartridge, made it necessary to design several other cartridges which would be suitable for available actions. The powder weights for all the loads but one listed in the table were weighed as precisely as I could on a balance scale. This .65-inch, five-shot group was from John’s handloads with Berger 20-grain Flat Base Target bullets and Reloder 7. Savage Arms 25 Lightweight Varminter 17 Hornet 19738. Orders must be placed by noon CST on Dec 14 using standard shipping. 17 Rem. Hodgdon lists as little as 0.3 grain between minimum and maximum powder charges for the .17 Hornady. The same charge with 20-grain V-MAXes started out with an even tighter group, but I flipped out the bullet from the fourth shot, which enlarged the group to 1.09 inches at 100 yards. The first one was the .17 Hornet, closely followed by the .17 Bee and later by the .17/222.”. das letzte Wo-chenende im Februar, Sonntag, die Uhr zeigt 7:23, im augenwinkel erkenne ich eine Bewegung am gegenüberliegenden Rand des Erlen-bruches meines Niederwildreviers. The .17 Hornet’s tiny bullets and a small case capacity mean velocities vary considerably with a slight change in powder weight. Hodgdon Powder is the only current source of handloading data I could find for the new and old .17s. Vorderschaft der Savage auf der Kanzelbrüstung. I haven’t done much with the 17 Hornet, YET! cz 527 .17 hornet fitted with a kalik adjustable comb ase sl5 sound-moderator contessa picatinney rail set trigger nice order. Not all gun enthusiasts are gun nuts, so when the firearms industry comes out with a new “official” caliber, a lot of us just shake our heads and ask “why?” The .17 Hornet is the latest caliber to come into primetime. CZ 527 American $ 785.00. Drucken | Nach oben . ... Savage Arms 25 Walking Varminter Camo Rifle | 19978. 20 Tactical. The .17 Hornet’s tiny bullets and a small case capacity mean velocities vary considerably with a slight change in powder weight. The .17 Remington Fireball introduced a few years ago is a somewhat larger edition of the .17 Hornet, but the Fireball is less than trendy. I have a degree in Computer Systems, not WEB design, it’s a whole different ball of wax. To come back. Search, buy and sell Rifles on GunStar today! Die Munition im Kaliber .17 Hornet ist leistungsstärker als das .22 Hornet. In fact, it's taken Savage a year and a half to begin shipping them from their factory. When you have to burn boot leather between stands, choose the 25 Walking Varminter. welcome to the savage brand store! Right now I’m using a Vortex Crossfire 2 in 4x12x44 and have been extremely pleased with it. Your email address will not be published. 6 Firearms. 5 out of 5 star rating (4 reviews) Quick View. 17 Mach IV. Cases did stretch some during firing and then sizing. Because the .17 Hornady Hornet case is smaller than the .17 Ackley Hornet case, handloading data for the two cartridges should not be casually interchanged. At 300 yards they dropped 5.50 inches. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. Gonna reload for it and am trying to get a good load to start with and work up to make it a tack driver. Not much sorry, working on the Website and and shooting over 5,500 varmints has kept me busy this year. The shoulder diameter of the Hornady case is also a bit wider in diameter than the Ackley. With the CZ sighted in 1.40 inches high at 100 yards, the bullets still hit an inch above aim at 200 yards. After shooting 80 Hornady loads one afternoon, I soaked the CZ’s bore with solvent for a day and then gave it a good scrubbing with a bronze brush. Savage 17 hornet model lv. This five-shot, 100-yard group is from 20-grain Superformance Varmint V-MAX loads shot from a CZ 527 American rifle. The biggest reasons I chose to go with another 17 is it has the recoil of a 22 WMR. An additional 0.8 grain of the powder increased velocity by 237 fps. April 2017 Hallo an alle Geartester! 17 Hornet Savage M-25. When a new cartridge is introduced, its origins can often be traced to a cartridge P.O. The author obtained the tools, which took some time, and by the time the tools were ready Mr. O’Neil had other things to occupy his mind, so that the project remained static until 1945. The 20 grain Zmax bulk bullet has been on hold for a year, but will be back in a month or so, be sure to grab some when they hit the shelves. Firearms only. An additional 0.5 grain of Lil’Gun increased the velocity of 20-grain bullets by 198 fps. savage 25 lightweight varmint holz 17 hornet 24" at 4rd . I like all your video’s and do refer to them from time to time. to the original page, click anywhere outside the pic. On l'appelait aussi le .17 … Savage .17 Hornet Model 25 Walking Varminter – New Gun Review. Big Savings. Item currently sold out . I’m really enjoying my Savage Model 25 in 17 Hornet, been shooting it for 2 years and have a longest shot at 370yds on a groundhog in calm conditions. Auf der Jungfuchsjagd erwies sich das Savage Model 25 als besonders zuverlässig. Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 17 Hornet rifle. The .17-caliber, 20-grain V-MAX (left) is not that much smaller than the .20-caliber, 32-grain V-MAX (center) and Hornady’s .22-caliber, 40-grain V-MAX (right). Neck sizing the cases stretched them to 1.344. Unfired, thumbhole stock, 3xx40 Leupold scope, Leupold mounts, call 0432152512 Perhaps the greatest buzz from shooting the .17 Hornet is the almost total absence of recoil. 17 BR. The .17 Hornet will become a very popular cartridge if it garners even a small percentage of the .17 rimfire’s popularity. I figured Hornady 20-grain V-MAX bullets would pretty much drop out of the air after they reached 200 yards, but the tiny bullets surprised me. Bullets were made out of copper wire and results on small game such as prairie dogs were quite amazing. It’s not a spectacular cartridge, though, because a hanging steel plate at 300 yards didn’t even move when shot with the tiny V-MAX bullets, but the approximately 200 foot-pounds (ft-lbs) of energy the little bullets still carry at 300 yards is enough to kill a ground squirrel. After firing the factory loads, case lengths had stretched to 1.343 inches. But in regards, It has taken a lot of time, and a lot of hair pulling. Savage 17 Series Bolt Action Rifle - 17 HMR - 5+1 Rounds - A tack-driving/ bolt-action rimfire chambered for 17 HMR/ the this series features Savage Arms' legendary user-adjustable AccuTrigger technology. That partial, full-length sizing helps reduce the stretch of firing and the squeeze of sizing to extend case life. Products I use Everyday, Hand-loading, and Varmint Shooting, R15 223 Rem AR – Hiperfire trigger & Accu-wedge, R15 223 Rem AR – Adjustiable Stock and V-TAB, 22 LR, Marlin Mod 60 SS (Stainless Steel), Click on pic to see it by itself. The .17 Hornet (left) looks like a larger version of the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (right). I have 17 Hornady Hornet brass that ranges from .009 - .012 neck thickness. Savage 25 LWT VARMINTER 17 HORNET. Having the tools, it was decided to make a few barrels. A case in point is Hornady’s new .17 Hornet with roots back to the beginning of .17-caliber cartridges in the years following World War II. The first being a 17 Rem FireBall. The heavier bullets had much lower extreme spreads, with 43 to 45 fps for the 25-grain bullets and 30 to 66 fps for the 30-grain bullets. 5 months later finally … Savage’s decision to produce Model 25s in 17 Hornet was inspired by the release of 17 Hornet ammo from Hornady (see video below). Thanks much. I’ve been wrong before when predicting the cartridge-buying habits of small game hunters, but I hope I’m not wrong about the .17 Hornady Hornet. 12 BVSS. On the 20 Practical all a gunsmith has to do is cut-off around an inch of the barrel and re-chamber to the 20 Practical. O’Neil of OKH fame. Clicking on Highlighted items in BLUE will take you to that item The 17 Hornet was my second center fire 17 caliber to pick-up. I load Hornady 20 grain Vmax or Zmax (same bullet) with 9.8 grains of Lil Gun and Rem 6-1/2 primers in my gun. Hodgdon Lil’Gun was the best powder tried for high velocity and good accuracy in the .17 Hornet. I like mine, I shoot it a lot. During the first years of World War II, Mr. O’Neil came up with the idea of a .17 caliber cartridge, believed to have been based on the .22 Hornet. Picked up a Savage .17 hornet about 6months ago and 1 box of ammo and mounted a Vortex 4-12 x44 scope. Also thanks about my nephew, he had a hard and short life, too bad. Select options; CZ 527 Varmint $ 779.00 – $ 785.00. Imp. 22 LR I had this rifle assembled at the first of the year from parts. Thanks again, think I’ll take some time off and shoot some prairie dogs. That is a significant difference in such a small cartridge case that only holds about 12 grains of powder. The .17 Hornet’s trajectory is almost identical to that of a 55-grain round from a .223 and is substantially flatter than both the .17 HMR and the .22 Hornet. Find .17 Hornet bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. Savage .17 hornet. Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 17 HMR rifle. An American-stocked micro-Mauser in a variety of calibers and configurations. Pages: 1; 1. 17 Fireball. Free Shipping. I’m very familiar with reloading and load a lot for my 204’s and other rifles and pistols. Do you have a favorite, affordable “go to” set of scope rings you use on all your rifles or is it not that critical a piece of the puzzle? . . Ackley’s load data lists 25-grain bullets with a velocity of 3,585 fps from 12.0 grains of 4198 and 3,570 fps from 11.5 grains of 4227. I’m betting the .17 Hornet will hang in there, however, because it has a ready-made home as any gun chambered for the .22 Hornet can also be chambered for the .17. Showing all 2 results. Hornet. Todd; Shop online for the best selection and prices of 17 HMR rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. Das Savage Model 25 ist eine sehr leichte und führige Büchse mit Synthetikschaft. The supplied scope rings that clamp on the square bridge of the receiver are a nice touch. Savage 96765 93R17 XP Camo Brush with Scope Bolt 17 HMR 22" 5+1 Synthetic Mossy Oak Brush Stock Mossy Oak Brush Out of stock View Details » View Details » Out of stock Backing the sizing die a partial turn from contacting the shellholder on the press set headspace on the case shoulder instead of on the cartridge rim. Savage Arms 25 Lightweight Varminter-T im Kaliber .17 Hornet I Wenn der Wind jagt oder die Königin des »Knockouts«. Choose from a variety of models built for specific situations and hunting styles. I hit the wrong button and deleted you last message, sorry. MSRP: $1,199.00. Für Privatkunden ist ein Direktkauf ab Werk leider nicht möglich.; 413-301-9665; ... hats; outerwear; accessories; gear; magazines; magazines. The 527’s barrel is slender with a diameter of just over .5 inch at the muzzle. The AccuTrigger is crisp, breaking cleanly at 1.134kgs and recoil is too light to be felt which results in the rifle sitting steady on a rest with no perceptible movement. Lil’Gun delivered much lower extreme spreads of 45 to 69 fps. Hornady currently loads its .17 Hornet with 20-grain V-MAX and 15.5-grain NTX bullets. Most of the time they are dumb and stay up very close, less than a hundred yards. Savage 25 Walking Varminter, Bolt Action, .17 Hornet, 22" Barrel, 4+1 Rounds. I haven’t got very far with the 17 Hornet, mostly fire forming brass I made from 22 Hornet and 22 KHornet. I have a hunch my rings are the reason my scope bumps out of zero a little too easily, I have weaver Quad Lock rings and would like to upgrade. The factory 20-grain loads were accurate and had a velocity of 3,567 fps when shot from a CZ 527 American. MSRP: $1,169.00. I also read your articles in the Varmint Hunter magazine as I’m a life member. Et puis, il y a eu en plus, le .17 Hornet, encore développé par Hornady. I’ve found the Hornady factory loads to be excellent in my hornet, but I never shoot them now that I load my own. It attained the second highest velocities with 20-grain bullets and the highest velocities with 25-grain bullets. Hodgdon’s load data shows 11.0 grains of H-4198 gave the 20-grain V-MAX a velocity of 3,226 fps. OUT OF STOCK (0) Ruger 7220 77/17 17 Hornet 6+1 18.50" Stainless Steel Fixed Sto. My starting load is 11 grains of Accurate 1680 with the 20 gr VMax. The first one was chambered for the so-called .17 Pee Wee, which was simply the .30 Carbine cartridge necked down to .17, and the first rifle was built . 17 Mach II. Savage Will Offer Model 25s Chambered in 17 Hornet. Required fields are marked *. Wichtiger Hinweis: Kein Direktverkauf bei ANSCHÜTZ! I feel like I could hit groundhogs out to 450yds, with the right conditions and a little more scope. I also use an app called istrelok on my iPad that has all my distances for my reticle. The CZ 527 and Hornady factory loads combined for this 200-yard group. $650.00 'Ono' FOR SALE Caliber: .17 Condition: GOOD State: New South Wales More Details... Merry Xmas from all of us at Oz Gun Sales. Savage has confirmed that, for 2012, it will add a 17 Hornet chambering to its line-up of Model 25 varmint rifles. Hornady Custom Grade full-length dies were used to size and load the .17s. 20 BR Lapua. Savage Arms 25 Lightweight Varminter for sale (0 user posted deals found) I haven’t found a prairie dog that can out run the bullet at 3,800 fps, so why load them any faster? Wolfe Publishing Company | 2180 Gulfstream Suite A | Prescott, AZ 86301. The much hyped 17 Hornet calibre as designed by Hornady arrived in the UK last year. Thanks for the comment. Compared: Ruger K77/17- VHZ and Savage 25 Lightweight Varminter-T .17 Hornet Rifles By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff Having reviewed the Ruger K77/17-VHZ and Savage Model 25 Lightweight Varminter-T rifles in the hot .17 Hornet caliber, we thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast these two varmint rifles. 17 RF Mag. I don’t know how Hodgdon fit 11.8. - Bitte wenden Sie sich an unsere Händler. Powered by The rifle weighs right at 7 pounds with a Turkish walnut stock and a Burris 10x scope. 25 LIGHTWEIGHT VARMINTER. CZ-USA 527 Varmint, Bolt Action, .17 Hornet, 24" Heavy Barrel, 5+1 Rounds. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Compare prices for Savage Arms 25 Lightweight Varminter 17 Hornet 19738 from all vendors from I keep the velocity around 3,800 fps, I have loads up to 4,000 fps, but the barrel will not last at those pressures and heat. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m interested in getting a 20 practical and my understanding is I can buy a reamer and have a gunsmith convert a 204 Ruger over to 20 practical. You might check on YouTube and find some other ways people had it done. I keep my brass sorted by neck thickness so I can consistently run .001 neck tension. Mais avant de voir les spécificités de cette Hornady, il faut savoir que le .17 Hornet, ou le .17 Ackley Hornet, était initialement une cartouche « Wilcat » conçue par M. Ackley dès le début des années 1950. Full-length sizing is fine if you want cartridges to headspace off the .17’s rim, but that amount of sizing set the case shoulders back .005 inch, which can cause cases to split around the web after firing them a few times. It weighs just 7 pounds yet is durable and extremely accurate, thanks to a … Item currently sold out . Ten grains gave 20-grain bullets a velocity of nearly 3,700 fps, which is all you can expect from such a small amount of powder. cz .17 hornet 527 adjustable bolt action rifle (r/h) - new Vor einigen Monaten habe ich euch Munition, die ich verwende in meinem neuen Kaliber 17 Hornet, vorgestellt. Your email address will not be published. Plus, what’s not to like about a cartridge with a near absence of recoil that shoots flat enough to take small game out to 300 yards?