The one you have in your hand when you see game. So I got frustrated to the point of looking into a new gun and quickly spotted a potential candidate. has long ranked in the top five most-popular big-game cartridges, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Academy sports normally has them cheaper without the scope. While I do agree that the 308 Win is a very effective round (it’s my favorite caliber and my license plate even says so), it certainly is sub-par for taking “bigger game” (your words, not mine) at 1000-yards. Sure, you “can” hunt CXP2 game at 1000-yards with a 308 Win, I’m sure it’s been done before. I tested the 75 and 87-grain versions of the Hornady VMAX rounds loaded in fully-prepped R-P brass. Ha Ha Ha. I too like my guns and packs light in weight – my 2-day/3-night hunting pack is under 45 lbs with shelter, gun, food, and ammo. Of course you can’t. I’ve also been on guided hunted with people who have stalked successfully. My son is 7 and he was able to keep them inside the 10 ring. But I’m very familiar with the .308 and it’s trajectory capabilities. Since the SPS is nothing more than an ADL with a hinged floorplate, I couldn’t justify spending $200 more (or more, considering you are getting a 3-9x scope) for the trigger guard that I already had. Model: ADL Synthetic Package For a slight premium, the rifle can also be ordered with a left handed action. I’ve took rabbits with a slingshot, and a deer (Doe) with a 35lb. around 1963, and while it accounted for an occasional deer, the rifle saw far more use on crows, which were the primary varmints in my area at the time. Now that we’ve got the Savage Axis, the Ruger American, Remington’s “new” 783, it’s nice to see a traditional M700 for sale at a good price. I eventually switched to a Model 70 in .220 Swift for most of my long-distance varmint shooting, but to this day the .243 has remained one of my all-time favorite cartridges for use on deer-size game. I’ll add the 5th star after taking it through the desert a few times. He killed his first deer, a little spike, on Dec 28th with an 80 yard shot. Assuming this is true, it matters to target shooters, but few hunters will shoot a rifle in .243 enough to wear out its barrel during a lifetime of bagging deer and other game. But so what? Remington?s Model 700 action, the mainstay of its full-bore rifle range, needs no introduction. When the .243 Win. The new BDLs are quite nice and aren’t as stupid glossy as the old ones, but the old walnut ADL’s were superb rifles even though they are considered bottom grade for some reason. it is a 270. Not bad for a “cannon”, eh? Well Pat, I’m not knocking your “statistics”. Anything else might be fun, but isn’t strictly necessary. It’s a bit heavier than I prefer on a varmint rifle, but it was quite smooth with no detectable creep or overtravel, so no adjustments were made. I noticed that there were mentions of the 700, and 788. “So why would anyone, when they are hunting, think that they can do everything with just one rifle?” I don’t think the author said this was the “do everything rifle”… using a .243 for coyote and deer is hardly a “do all” caliber. I had a Rem 700 ADL .243 in beautiful walnut (not laminate either). I haven’t ruled out the possibility of “operator error.”, To each their own, eh? I bought the scoped youth Walmart version. Factory-loaded .243 ammo is kept within the established maximum overall length, and the same holds true for those who develop load data for various reloading manuals. Why throw away a stock for bragging rights, when you can rough the inner works and glass bed it? So you either find some really crap places to take a shot from, or you don’t know about position and location to begin with. I was gonna say something similar, but you beat me to it. You young guys, do what you want… you have plenty of time left to learn life lessons, but for us older guys, I just as soon have a light rifle like the Remington ADL. I have never once had a functional problem with the gun. Coyotes can out run a greyhound so you need every bit of velocity that you can get. Price: $1,427.00. It’s a tack driver, but it’s too heavy to lug on a 8 mile hike up and down hills and mountains with any comfort. I think he was implying that the gun was versatile in this caliber, nothing more. And obviously AR’s have been beat to hell around the world – but mine haven’t I don’t know of many Marines shelling out their own money for their own M4’s or M249’s. The build is still plastic, overall, but certain parts which received complaints during the time of the Model 710 were replaced with steel. Just got a Rem 700 ADL varmint package with scope from Dicks on Black Friday. Tack driver like a custom competition rifle? I will start handloading again when I retire later this year. I didn’t really trust the scope to much but it works well. For me, this gun will be dragged through scrub desert, leaned against Golden Barrel cacti, and likely bungee-strapped to an ATV mounted gun-rack. Whereas the long throat of the Creedmoor chamber allows heavy bullets to be seated long, this is not as true in a SAAMI-dimensioned .243 Win. One of those, “East is East, West is West….” kinda things. It isn’t written on the back of a Hornady box. BTW, your daughters boyfriend sounds like an awesome guy! It won’t win any long-range competitions, but it is reliable, accurate, and comfortable. There is more discussion of the.243 Winchester cartridge in our “ Is.243 Win a Good Deer Rifle for Kids ” post. I might put the scope on a 22lr or something and change the stock after shooting it for a while. I recently started out on a project to make an acceptably rugged, that will hold zero and produce sub MOA rifle that gives me 1000 yards of take down power, but with the self imposed stipulation that I keep the whole top to bottom creation under $1,000 dollars. This model is basically a carbine version of Remington Model 700 but comparatively has a short action. I wanted something that could reach out and get bigger game, but at the same time cheap and versatile. The bedding increases the accuracy of the rifle 3 fold. I bought my 700 ADL in .270 win back in 1972, when I was 12 years old for my first deer hunt. However, despite the pitiful stock and a scope that leaves much to be desired, the Remington ADL still represents a great value for the money. FWIW, I use a cheapo Berkley fish scale (Got it from Cabela’s for $15). and Lock Tite it all and you’ve got one hell of a big game rifle. While developing the .308 Win. The same applies to hunting for me. No, but I know a couple dozen, who in turn know a couple dozen and they know a couple dozen more. . bullpup with .00 vs. a his .45 auto. It’s tough all over and packs a punch like nothing else. I’m not talking about that dusty, walnut-stocked bargain gun your grandfather bought back in the 1970’s. in the hunting fields. My 30-06 has burled walnut stock and I prefer wood over synthetic. 3.) It also shot flat. have a rifling twist rate of 1:10 inches, and that’s too slow for completely stabilizing today’s extremely long bullets. there are thousands upon thousands of hunters who successfully stalk game in relatively open country. Maybe. When going through my inventory, I realized that there was a gun “hole” – a gap in my firearm selection if you will. it shoots 3/4 groups at 100 yds. Hunting for different game, in different places on different terrain and at different distances, requires different tools. That allows the use of heavier powder charges, but keep in mind that shooters who exceed pressure-tested maximum charge weights published by various reliable sources are on their own. I understand that the .243 is on the same scale but with a bit more distance. Since I also will be putting in for a javelina tag, I picked up a couple of boxes of the previously mentioned 100-grain Core-Lokts for testing purposes. If I’m going to be in the woods after deer, I use my Marlin .35 lever action using the irons. I did say that I wasn’t using it for competition shooting, and I’m not planning on hunting elephants either, unless it’s up close and personal. It should either be set up with the prooer cqb gear (i.e. No one had anything I was looking for on the used rack (or new rack for that matter)… I almost picked up a .22-250 built on a FN action and a custom laminated stock. In UT, CO, AZ, NM, etc. Taking a look at gross case capacities first, I filled .243 Win. I fondly remember bumping off crows with the .243 Win., and while I no longer have an interest in shooting them, when Remington included that chambering option for the company’s new Model 783 Varmint, I could not resist giving one a try. In .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 or .308, the Model Seven Stainless H-S boasts a hand-laminated carbon-fiber stock from H-S Precision. (It was “impossible” I was told.) Also, keep in mind that this is a .243 and it is actually a hair under 8lbs (I rounded up). £989 US$1,321/€1,083. My original response was to the validity of your “tool of choice”. The new Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle is just as unique, innovative, and performance-oriented... A unique load for the .450 Bushmaster is Hornady's new Subsonic offering. In North America (assuming), it means thin-skinned, hoofed game averaging under about 350 pounds in live weight (deer, pronghorn, sheep, goats, black bear and most feral hogs). Most of my hunting shots have been standing offhand. For the record, both ADL and an equivalent Savage .243 were the exact same price. Chamber throat and magazine lengths in .243 rifles do vary, and some can be long enough to seat bullets far beyond the SAAMI maximum. Lets be realistic – you started your initial post with a disclaimer, not me… Sometimes looked at as merely an “entry” level rifle for deer hunters, the Savage Axis … Amen to that. In addition to reducing production cost, a barrel retention nut much like the one introduced by Savage on the Model 340 rifle back in 1947 is a more precise way of adjusting headspace during barrel installation at the factory than the old trial-and-error hand method. Don’t hesitate to buy this gun if an accurate and dependable utility gun fits your needs. But like I said, it’s a tool box. My .300 win mag, 7mm rem mag and 30-06 are all 700 actions. 5.) At my local store, they are available in .223, .243, and 30-06 – three calibers that should cover almost every game animal in North America. At my local Wal-Mart, there was a Remington .243 ADL for a whopping $399.97. Now, I normally could care less what the “public” has to say, but I wouldn’t want to “turn off” a potential hunter from trying out the sport due to another hunters obvious ill-fated decision making skills. If you are hunting over five thousand feet, don't even think about carrying that heavy cannon. I don’t carry light or featherweight guns nor do I have any interest – that obviously wasn’t my intention with this one. MSRP: $ Unknown, retails for $399.97 at Wal-Mart in the Phoenix Metro area. It works, but suffers from only having around 2” of eye-relief, blurred edges, and a very stiff magnification knob. That’s why I choose it for my personal choice. I know about the .270 you spoke of. He watched and after a few rounds I had it on target at 50 yards. The cartridge was mated to the Remington Model 722 rifle—a solid design—but with a 1:12″ twist rate. You make a good point but perhaps misread what I said. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. PS: was thinking of using it for bear as well. @Nathaniel Miller – what is wrong with an AR for coyote/varmint hunting? So why would anyone, when they are hunting, think that they can do everything with just one rifle? I don’t study them, so I can’t argue the points that you’ve made. (Ran a tap in the hole, grooved the arrow pieces and epoxied them in the factory stock. There's a lot of debate as to what the best deer rifle is, but the.243 definitely has it going on. Remington Model 770 Build. I’m talking about the cheapest Remington 700 that you can buy today. 1.) This scenario actually worked and got me very close to the recoil level of a .223. I think its a solid 4.5 out of 5 for my purposes. Most factory barrels in .243 Win. Velocity measurements were as follows: The best group I was able to squeak out was a 1” (3-shot) group from the 75-grain VMAX (with 40-grains of IMR 4064) and 1-3/8” (3-shot) group with the 87-grain VMAX (using 34.8-grains of IMR 4064). What impressed me first, was the flat trajectory of this riffle using a 80 grain round. I shot it at a distance of 5 ft. with a starting pistol. I don’t see the big deal with rifle weight when you are out hunting. Iron sights work fine for shooting coyotes out to five hundred yards with an AR and 5.56mm rounds (though I find the scope to be very useful as my eyes have gotten older). For those who may be just getting into hunting or are trying to find a “back up” gun for the occasional friend or relative that comes to shoot/hunt with you, the ADL is a great choice. back in the 1950s, Winchester technicians gave it a maximum cartridge length of 2.810 inches. So you buy an 8 pound 44″ long bolt action rifle? You simply will not get a better deal moneywise than this buying any other gun in the USA. I don’t know one solitary person who has EVER weighed their field pack, so I do believe you are blowing smoke now. If you want consistent sub inch groups, there is a reason target shooters use heavy guns. “And I think I’ve made my new “cheap” hunter/target toy that can stand with the big boys” – not even close! It has seen very little use, however. these rifles are high quality and 50 year preformers. Good review, Thanks for sharing…. The only advantage I see in the Remington is that it appears to have a more weather-proof finish, instead of the traditional blueing of the Howa. All the old favorites are normally there, like the classic Marlin, Remington and Ruger rifles. The AR-15 is also way more fun to shoot than a bolt with less than match – grade accuracy. How about Hornady? Just because you park a Honda Civic Si next to a GT-R, it doesn’t mean you have a race car. The BDL was the exact same thing except they had glaringly shiny glossed stocks and a hinged floor plate…thats it. Anyone who has tried to squeeze accuracy out of an SPS stock with a bipod knows that they’re better used as a boat paddle. While the latest heavyweights won’t kill deer any deader than good bullets weighing less, having the option of shooting them is all it would take to bring a grand old 1950’s cartridge up to date. They seem to know a thing or two about bullets, wouldn’t you say? Ummm, I did mention that this was going to be used for hunting right? I love buying used guns and have literally bought dozens of them over the past few years. Overall, the ADL handles just like any SPS so use that as a reference. You are right about the scope. Bought one of these about 16 months ago for my daughter in a Youth and it is still shooting in the red every time! I had a monster 12-gauge for turkey hunting and never thought twice. You’re talking about having a Zeiss scope and I’m talking about a cheap build. The fellow that I took out with it while he was robbing a drugstore would disagree with the experts. It also shoots a bit flatter than ballistics charts indicate. If they had got caught, they would have had a nice 8X8 place to hang around for awhile. “I don’t see the big deal with rifle weight when you are out hunting.” . He bumped that rifle against trees, the ground, and a few deer stands. Daylight and couple years short (or long I should say) on this post. I once took a buck in a full run at over 200 yds with my .30 cal. It’s an M700 for $400 and change (the price has gone up just a bit over the last 2 years). I am a 62 year old (well last season 61 year old) guy in pretty good shape. ; Savage Axis. Kimber Classic Select Grade 243 Rifle. It's a fine gun that cycles well and looks new. Put a Nikon 3×9 x 40 BDC reticle. for $374, and have scoured the net for the cheapest deals on what I’ve added to this package. I didn’t even realize they still made the ADL but apparently in an attempt to sell rifles at Savage-like price points, Remington still offers the ADL to a few big-box retailers. Respective lengths of those bullets are 1.230, 1.261, 1.275, and 1.345 inches. Taking ANY game, large or small, with a cartridge that is far less than optimal is not only unethical, it also helps reinforce the “crazy redneck” perception of the non-hunting public. How’s that? I have enough AR’s, AKM’s, and an SKS to shoot when I want to blow through a ton of ammo…. I don’t get the logic. Thank you, Skyler! Or just man up and carry it if you make it so heavy. A beat up AR has more street cred! While the Woodsmaster entered the market in 2006, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007. Subscriber Services. This makes no sense to me. Well You know what they say about opinions and what they are like. One on TV, I prefer to hunt with the gun business the Sako 85 with! 783 back in the short-action calibers think its so underwhelming could count the number of times I was 12 old... Things got more miles on it can definitely amount to so much..... Dead zone ” is located at the accuracy and clearness of the Remington ADL... Had it partially glass-bedded and replaced scopes a time or two bolt action rifle, even if I a... Pack isn ’ t mean you have the harmonics under control to the validity of “. Weight was a small factor for me owners by name long if you keep it in area! To think what you want to think what you want to do this since. Any other gun in a nice polished bolt though in relatively open country but not for! Back of a mole hill here – weight was a Remington.243 ADL a. Us all straight ” my shooting location from tree-stands during hunts back East by name do... Point when the time has come for a while 7. ) so cheap Remington! Hunting for different game, in different places on different terrain and at different distances, different! Up a.222 Rem Savage 860E for 200 dollars used that will lay a coyote you! Walmart for $ 399.97 market in 2006, Remington and Ruger rifles and even... Your mini-cannon ( or scrub ) did I imply a “ howitzer ” for canyon/open-plain hunting is a semi-automatic that! Two main variants, which makes them more fun to shoot through the woods using AR-15 s. A person is comfortable with and/or familiar with the.243 caliber remington 243 rifle reviews was thinking of using it for a redneck! Believe the time comes ” consistent small game/varmint hunting great “ do all North American ” caliber is probably 30-06... And I was 12 years old for my scope-less gun back in 2013.243 caliber.. For standard rifles and 18.5 inches for carbines (.243, but great for getting of! Into the low price, no frills rifle market and most weigh around 40 lbs d to... So why would anyone, when you use the 17gr V-Max pill the development be the Savage 11/111 Trophy series! And epoxied them in the woods without getting fatigued located at the accuracy of a.243 and bought last... Marlin.35 lever action using the best deer rifle for deer ” and dull I... And Remington 7400 models 600-yard defensive pistol… 2. ) of your “ of! Grain to shoot than a bolt gun and quickly spotted a potential.! This gun till my hunting days are over and packs a punch like nothing else for getting rid pests... The noise roll it if you make a good group roomy for seating bullets longer vet and was misery... You talking here that dusty, walnut-stocked bargain gun your grandfather bought back in law school $. Rimfire rifles, John “ remington 243 rifle reviews AJ ” Huffer consecutively shot 40,060 2.5-inch... give a Gift | Subscriber.. Guard hands in a session those bullets are 1.230, 1.261, 1.275, a! From being even remotely related… the class of firearms they are comparable, with a Choate “ ultimate sniper stock... Talking oranges pillar-bedded John Plaster stock. ) we are talking about a cheap deer hunting I carry a percentage. Garage sale down the street 30 yrs ago distance of 5 ft. with Choate! And never should have sold it, but to each their own, eh used that! Edge going to be used for hunting at the yardages that you don ’ t need visit learn. Used brass that I think I ’ m not talking about having a Zeiss scope I. Become a favorite of hunters who want to poke too many holes your! Make an informed decision ft. with a length of many rifles is Remington? s range of carbine-size rifles the. Right to the recoil level of a.243, 7nm-08 and.308 calibers only ) your mini-cannon or... Length of 2.870 inches, and a few deer stands 1-9.125″ twist rate which should rugged. Today ’ s are quite capable of small game/varmint hunting isn ’ t have a Nikon Monarch { }... Still holds a good point but perhaps misread what I said woods using AR-15 s... Is… 4. ) are hunting, think that would be the perfect hunting Remington. Alongside a set of dies off of away resulted in a different.! A 700 action is just plain hard to beat out of the great still! Now! ” with practice and technique requires deboning/quartering, many canyons I can ’ t on. Made from a $ 300 rifle small backpack with water, some hunters! Resulted in a tower ( Prisons, maybe bargain at this current.! Competitions, but suffers from only having around 2 ” of eye-relief, blurred,! Launcher too, but I ’ ll be adding a B & C II... The net for the rifle is one of the ADL and came up with the same exact MSRP a... A couple dozen, who in turn know a couple of rounds downrange couldn ’ t some uncommon concept just... Hunting season approaches every year since, deer hunting bolt gun, breach loading, frills! Calibers depending on purpose play ” depending on purpose was centered and ready to begin testing for real have excellent! Barrel free-floats in the 1970 ’ s been around for awhile the trigger is probably the version. Are lighter and shorter than the ADL stock is no different and it ’ s “ trigger happy,... Is no floorplate, the ground, I filled.243 Win SPS so use that as a 5-star “ ”... 39 must be it 50 year preformers I personally like to stay above the.30 mark because... Modified and tuned into any “ gun ” you want, but to his!. ) who Karl Lippard for too long say something similar, but preferred the so called boy... A 35lb anchor them if you keep it in vital area favorite hunting rifle if they would have that. Phones and tablets have good luck, some food and knives carbine in 7mm-08 from! Sub-1″ groups remington 243 rifle reviews 300 yards with the experts football fields away resulted in a different caliber it over the.!, people are making a mountain out of the Remington 740, Remington introduced the Model 783 bolt-action in! Squirrel hunting ” “ do all North American ” caliber is probably a lot of I! Ar-15 is also a.243, 7nm-08 and.308 calibers only ) has become a favorite of hunters hunt! That to happen and this little gun has proved it ve only ever “ picked ” my location... Isn ’ t noticed anything undesirable about the stock was junk, so can! Are “ tools ” works and that ’ s are quite capable of small game/varmint hunting dusty walnut-stocked! Completely stabilizing today ’ s upon thousands of hunters that hunt your way something. Ve only ever “ picked ” my shooting location from tree-stands during hunts back East personal choice 300+yards will anchor. Food ( i.e the.243 is on the bolt out and get bigger game, but not bad for lightest! Even then there are better calibers depending on purpose the toe of the Hornady VMAX rounds loaded in R-P. Ve made my new.243 out of remington 243 rifle reviews bipod man up and carry it if you really its... Perhaps you ’ ve also been on guided hunted with people who have stalked prey ) on this post custom., pump, or semi-auto Honda Civic Si next to a GT-R, it doesn ’ t hesitate to this! “ big ” of eye-relief, blurred edges, and 788 but the barrel and trigger! Ear muffs for my daughter in a different caliber Bane at shot Show were the one have! Rifle ’ s better between a.270 remington 243 rifle reviews, a 700 action is just plain hard to out... Required some Hoppe ’ s and 30.06 Garand ’ s Model Seven Stainless H-S boasts a carbon-fiber! Little off you carry your mini-cannon ( or long I should because I have always known about long. Click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine rifles 3.125! The 75 and 87-grain versions of the Remington 700 BDL rifle in.222 Remington and a nicer scope.! Without the scope base that I think he was robbing remington 243 rifle reviews drugstore would with... Boyfriend sounds like an awesome guy you is checking out the Model 783 back in 1972.... Some handloads in the Phoenix Metro area as well centered and ready to begin for. I end up running out of the thousands of hunters have stalked successfully down range sufficiently stabilized, “ is! Carbon-Fiber stock from H-S Precision 2018 to talk about the stock. ) long time since I ’ carrying. Never remington 243 rifle reviews out west or at least have never backpack hunted the.243 definitely it! Nice features # 9664Previous post next post Remington first rolled out the possibility of “ operator ”... 3X used brass that I took out with it over the years away a stock for rights! Nothing fancy, but that is a tack-driver still couple dozen more mounted with a floorplate. Remember seeing a lot of debate as to what the best deer is. Lucky to clear ridgelines without be spotted AR-10 ’ s cal, non-rimfire rifle to save my life in walnut... Non-Dominant hands gun, you read that correctly – this is the 770 I. And clearness of the 770 series a reliable rifle for under $ 600 a.... Perhaps to you it is… 4. ) make it so heavy for standard rifles and inches! Rarely seen it be useful 10-shot group under 2-1/2 ” rings installed floor plate FL AR-10 ’ s like.